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Name: Dr. Emil Katz
Position: CEO
Email: emilk@novamed.co.il
Dr. Emil Katz has PhD in Immunology from The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.
He has more than 25 years experience in the healthcare field.
Strong entrepreneurial background: successfully guided the development of three start-up companies including "Diatech Diagnostics", which subsequently merged into Healthcare Technologies and is traded on NASDAQ.
Prior to founding Novamed: CEO of "Israel Chemicals-Pharma" Division.
Name: Dr. Gavriel Shalmiev
Position: Vice President and Marketing Manager
Email: gavri-el@novamed.co.il
PhD in Medical Parasitology from the Gamaleja Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow.
From 1995, after four years of postdoctoral research work at the Institute of Life Sciences of Hebrew University in Jerusalem was an assistant of manager of the biggest microbiological laboratory in Haifa, Israel and then a manager of the clinical Microbiology & Parasitology Division at the Microbiology Department of Asaf Harofeh Medical Center (an Israeli major hospital).
Name: Mr. Julian Nochomovitz
Position: Operations and Quality Assurance Manager
Email: julian@novamed.co.il
Biochemistry graduate with 28 years of experience in the clinical diagnostics industry.
A member of the managerial team at Novamed since its inception in 1995. Previous positions held have been in R&D, Production and Purchasing. Present responsibilities include daily Operational and Logistics issues as well as ensuring Novamed’s adherence to international quality standards.
Name: Dr. Igal Ruvinsky
Position: Head R&D
Email: yigal@novamed.co.il
Dr. Ruvinsky received his PhD in Medical Sciences (Cellular Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Hadassah Medical School, graduating summa cum laude. A Golda Meir doctoral fellow, a Rector Stipendiary, and a Stanner prize laureate for exceptional merit in research for 2007, Dr. Ruvinsky is an author of research papers, including a major article in the field of translational control published in the prestigious journal Genes & Development, and cited and reviewed by the Faculty of 1000 Biology. Dr. Ruvinsky has joined Novamed in April 2008 following a short postdoctoral term at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC.
Name: Dr. Ella Sklan
Position: Senior R&D Scientist, Head QC Diagnostics
Email: ella@novamed.co.il
Dr. Ella Sklan received her PhD in Biochemistry from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Sklan, a 2001 Pollack prize laureate for the achievements in the field of life sciences, is highly experienced in the fields of signal transduction, molecular biology, low molecular weight protein inhibitors and protein biochemistry.

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