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Universal Urine Specimen Container (120 ml) # UC-120

For collection, storage, transport and safe, convenient processing of urine specimens


Product Description:
UUSC is a clear plastic urine collection cup with a capacity of up to 120 ml of urine.  UUSC is designed in accordance with generally accepted standard requirements (size, form, capacity) and maintains the technical advantages of a previous model (luer adapter). The principal improved feature of this device is a unique flip-cap for easy and safe access for bacteriological sampling. The cup is closed with a main screw cap containing two sampling ports, which include:

(1) A luer adapter needle, mounted on a specifically designed cavity on the cap to. This port can be used with any type of evacuated tube.

(2) A bacteriological sampling port, with a user-friendly flip-cap, to be used with a bacteriological loop or any urine culture device (Novamed's Diaslide®, DipStreak®, conventional dipslide).

The minimal 20 ml volume of urine required for efficient use of the sampling ports is marked on the cup.

UUSC is aseptic, provided that the cap is tightly closed. UUSC is assembled from plastic parts manufactured in a clean environment (adequate clothing for workers and appropriate air filtration) and luer adaptor prior sterilized by 2.5 MRad of gamma irradiation. The chemical inertness of UUSC is comparable to that of the leading brand containers.

Intended Use:
The urine collected in the UUSC can be transferred, using the sampling ports, to the appropriate testing devices: evacuated tube for chemical analysis and bacteriological analysis devices (sterile loops, dipslide, Diaslide DipStreak). In addition the UUSC itself can be used for transport and storage of the urine sample, assuming that it is packaged and labeled adequately.


Aseptic conditions of UUSC production guarantee a bioburden of 1/2 bacteria/ml or less, providing UUSC essentially close to being sterile if unopened. However, since no preservatives are present, samples that are not tested or preserved within 1-2  hours of collection must be refrigerated. There is a minimum volume requirement (10 ml, marked on the cup) for efficient use of the sampling ports. However the safety and user-friendly features may not work, due to the need of using two hands. For optimal performance the UUSC must be maintained between 4º and 30ºC.


Instructions for Use:
The patient is given the UUSC from the medical staff. The patient is instructed on the use of the collection cup, being cautioned to not open the flip-cap and to avoid needle sticks. The patient is instructed to return the urine specimen to the medical staff immediately after collection. Use of single use disposable gloves is highly recommended.

For transfer of the specimen into an evacuated tube:
(1) Place UUSC upright of clean flat surface. Container may be tipped at an angle if specimen volume is limited.
(2) Place evacuated tube into the open circular cavity on cap, stopper down. Advance the tube over puncture point to pierce stopper. Hold the tube in position until transfer is completed.
(3) Remove tube from the UUSC and process according to standard laboratory procedures.

For bacteriological sampling:
(4) Open sampling port by lifting the flip-cap.
(5) Sample specimen with sterile bacteriological loop or with a urine culture device (Diaslide, DipStreak).
(6) After sampling, close flip-cap and discard UUCS into hazardous waste container.


Flip cap allows safe and easy access for bacteriological sampling.
Luer adapter allows direct, fast and safe transfer of urine specimen to evacuated tube via vacuum pressure.

Catalog No. UC-120
Available in packages of 250 units in sterile bag placed in cardboard box.





Product Documents
Click to Download : (36.3 Kb) UUSC Product Specification
Click to Download : (155.5 Kb) Routine Urine Specimen Processing - Procedure Steps
Click to Download : (742.3 Kb) Universal Urine Specimen Container Brochure

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