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Diaslide®: UriSelect 3/MacConkey # DS-105

DIASLIDE® URIselect 3 / MacConkey Agar

Catalog No. DS-105


INTENDED USE            

Diaslide® Urine Culture Device (UCD) is a semi-quantitative screening culture device for detecting, enumerating and identifying specific bacteria in urine. The device is intended for use in physician's office laboratories (POL) and clinical laboratories as an aid in the diagnosis of urinary tract infection (UTI).



DIASLIDE® URIselect 3 / MacConkey Agar UCD consists of a transparent, hinged plastic casing containing face-to-face plates of URIselect 3 and MacConkey Agars with a plastic sampler having two bent tips located between.


URIselect 3 Agar

Non-selective enriched medium allowing the growth of all UTI pathogens, even those with special nutritional requirements such as group B Streptococci. The medium composition restricts swarming phenomenon of Proteus spp. assuring better isolation in mixed cultures. The chromogenic and chemical substrates in the agar yield to the direct differentiation of E. coli -Klebsiella - Enterobacter - Serratia (KES), and Proteus - Morganella - Providencia (PMP)-groups and Enterococci. A specificity of URIselect 3 medium is to allow for the detection of Staphylococcus saprophyticus, which produces light-rose colored colonies. The differentiation between the different bacterial species or genus is achieved by:

  • Chromogenic substrates detecting enzymatic activity of the lactose metabolism, which is split with the release of a pink to red dye.
  • A chromogenic substrate detecting the activity of Beta-glucosidase, which is split with the release of a blue-green dye. The respective colonies are stained red, (E. coli), metallic-blue, ( KES, Citrobacter) or blue-green, (Enterococci, S. agalactiae).
  • Tryptophan for the detection of tryptophan deaminase, (TDA) of Proteus-Morganella-Providencia (PMP) group, and for Indole spot tests. The PMP Beta-glucosidase-negative strains produce clear colonies with a diffusible beige-brown pigment and PMP Beta-glucosidase-positive strains produce bluish colonies with a slight brown background.


MacConkey AGAR

A selective medium, enabling the differentiation between coliforms and non-lactose fermenters with inhibition of Gram-positive micrococci. Most urinary tract pathogens grow on it, whereas most contaminants are inhibited.  Current routine methods for bacteriological examination of urine are the classic Petri dish culture method and the dipslide technique. Diaslide® UCD combines the advantages of both techniques, enabling bacterial enumeration and isolation following a simple, user-friendly procedure. 



The two bent tips of the sampler are dipped into the urine specimen and take up a standard volume of urine. The sampler is then pulled out through the casing, simultaneously inoculating the surfaces of both media with a streaking dilution.  As a consequence, the number of bacteria deposited on the media is in direct proportion to the number of bacteria present in the specimen. Following incubation, the number of bacterial colonies cultures is compared with the Colony Density Chart to determine the level of bacteria in the urine sample.



DIASLIDE® URIselect 3 / MacConkey Agar UCD

Kovac's reagent) 1 plastic dropper bottle containing 5 ml of reagent)  is provided with 500 pcs of DIASLIDE® URIselect 3 / MacConkey Agar UCD.



Incubator (37 ± 1°C)

Incubation Stand


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Product Documents
Click to Download : (250.4 Kb) Diaslide DS-105 Insert
Click to Download : (284.5 Kb) Diaslide Brochure
Click to Download : (534.1 Kb) Colony appearance chart of Diaslide UriSelect 3

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