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Urine Dipslide: CLED/MacConkey # BD-901

Novamed's Urine Culture Dipslide: C.L.E.D. /MacConkey  (Cat.no. BD-901) is a simple, convenient and easy-to-use sampling device for transporting urine samples as well as for assessing microbial contamination of urine (including the isolating, enumerating and identifying of specific bacteria in urine). Urine Culture Dipslide: C.L.E.D. /MacConkey  (Cat.no. BD-901) is intended for use in both physicians' office laboratories and clinical laboratories.


Urine Culture Dipslide: C.L.E.D. /MacConkey  (Cat.no. BD-901)  unit consists of two different agar modifications attached back-to-back on a plastic sampling paddle, which is permanently fastened to the cap for comfort of handling during use and housed in a closed transparent plastic tube.


Following combination of agars is used in manufacturing of Urine Culture Dipslide: C.L.E.D. /MacConkey  (Cat.no. BD-901):

C.L.E.D. Agar (Cysteine Lactose Electrolyte Deficient medium) is a valuable non-inhibitory growth medium used in the isolation and differentiation of urinary organisms. Being electrolyte deficient, it prevents the swarming of Proteus species which otherwise would obscure the observation of colonies. Lactose is included in the agar to detect lactose fermenting coliform contaminants which are easily recognized by the green to yellow color change of the agar. Lactose fermenters produce yellow colonies on CLED agar; non-lactose fermenters appear blue.


MacConkey Agar is a selective and differential medium for detection of coliform organisms and enteric pathogens. The concentration of bile salts in this medium is relatively low in comparison with other enteric plating medium; therefore selectivity for gram-negative bacteria is not as great as in some other formulations. Crystal violet inhibits gram-positive microorganisms, especially enterococci and staphylococci.  Differentiation of enteric micro-organisms is achieved by the combination of lactose and the neutral red indicator. Colorless or pink to red colonies are produced depending upon the ability of the isolate to ferment lactose.


Interpretation of results

Observe the bacterial growth on both agars. When determining the colony count do not consider size of a given colony but only the number of colonies. Significant difference in the number of colonies on one side of the agar vs. the other may result from an un-even inoculation. The side with the greater number of colonies should be used. Count and compare the number of bacteria growing on the side with the greater number of colonies to the chart or to the guidelines for enumeration of bacteria.


Urine Culture Dipslide: C.L.E.D. /MacConkey  (Cat.no. BD-901) is capable of detecting bacteria in urine at concentrations as low as 100 CFU/ml. The colony density chart allows the reporting of colony counts to the nearest power of 10. If bacterial content is above 106 CFU/ml, no single colony can be isolated because of confluent growth.  A standard quantitative urine culture should be performed. 


                                                       Colony Density Chart  


CFU/ml                         102         103          104          105         106          107

Number of colonies     up to 3    4  - 10     11 - 20      21 -50            over 50


In the past, the presence of > 105 CFU/ml was regarded as a positive result while < 104 CFU/ml was negative. From 104  to 105 CFU/ml were considered borderline cases, which called for repeat examination. Today, the trend is for specific medical departments such as Urology, Nephrology and Pediatrics to report down to 103 CFU/ml. Use the attached colony density chart for reporting results. If  bacterial growth yields three or  more different kinds of colonies, this is most likely due to contamination. The test should be repeated. Preliminary identification of the bacteria can be made based on  type and color  of  colonies.


Principle of  identification with C.L.E.D. Agar:



C.L.E.D. Agar

MacConkey Agar

E. coli

Yellow, darker  center

Pink red

K. pneumoniae

Mucoid yellow

Pink red

P. aeruginosa

Matte green-blue


P. vulgaris

Clear green-blue


S. aureus

Deep yellow

No growth

S. epidermidis

White or pale yellow

No growth

E. faecalis


No growth





Product Documents
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