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SensAheart - FABP 3 One Step Rapid Test # R-6503

The Novamed SensAheart One Step cardiac FABP Test Device is a lateral flow-based immunoassay designed for the detection of FABP3 in miniature-sized (a single blood drop) human whole blood, plasma and serum samples. The human cardiac FABP (hFABP or FABP3) is a 132 amino acid small molecular weight (15kDa) protein. FABP3 is one of the most abundant proteins in cardiomyocytes and is mainly involved in fatty acid transport. The concentration of fatty acids in plasma and in myocardial tissue rise during myocardial ischemia acting to protect myocytes against fatty acid oxidation. Upon acute myocardial infarction (AMI) the blood and urine levels of hFABP rise rapidly (within 1-3 hours) reaching their peak values at 6 hours, and return to baseline concentration within 24 hours. Characteristics of hFABP appear to be similar to those of myoglobin, however, hFABP concentrations are 2-10-fold higher in the heart than in the skeletal muscle. In contrast, myoglobin concentrations are 2-fold lower in cardiac cells than skeletal cells. Thus, the apparent greater cardiospecificity hFABP, along with certain aspects of its biology account for its greater value in diagnostics of AMI.
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Click to Download : (462.6 Kb) Instructions for use - SensAheart One Step FABP3 rapid test #6503

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