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Novamed Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial microbiology products, serving customers in Israel in a broad spectrum of markets: Health Care, Veterinary, Environmental Services, Food, Dairy, Drinking Water, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries.

All these products are primarily required for growing identification and maintenance of specific group of micro organisms. The growth of microorganisms in specific media helps to identify and   diagnose the cause of the disease leading to proper treatment of different infections (urinary tract infection, bacterial inflammations of ear & eye, respiratory infection (throat & nose infection) etc.



Novamed Ltd has been manufacturing microbiological products since 1995.  The know-how for manufacturing microbiological culture media was acquired with the acquisition of a previously existing company called "Eldan-Tech". This formed the basis for the establishment of Novamed Ltd as we know it today.


Application of Products

Health Care & Veterinary Services

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industries

Food & Dairy Industries

Agriculture (Biofertilizers & Biopesticides)



Product Range

Novamed Ltd manufactures over 160 prepared culture media products, packaged in clinical urine and industrial culture devices, petri-dishes, bottles, tubes, and flasks, providing the nutrients necessary for cultivation, isolation and identification of bacteria and fungi that are contaminants or potential pathogens.


Uses of the Products

Novamed products are present in all leading Research and Education Institutes, Public Health Care Institutions and Pharmaceutical, Food and Dairy Industries etc. The key element in Novamed's manufacturing process is the high qualification of  staff,  productive   technology, efficient machinery and stringent quality control system.


Regulatory Qualification

All Novamed's production meets the stringent quality criteria required for ISO 9001-2000 qualification as well as the quality assurance requirements of the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS).



1. Manufacture and supply of prepared culture media products.

2. Supplier of microbiological products produced by Remel (USA), Bio-Rad Laboratories (USA) and

    Lab M (UK).

3. Provide customers with complete technical information, including application methodology for products.


Scope of Novamed's Product Applications and Customer Base

1. Academic Fields: Universities, Research and Education Institutes, Veterinary and Medical Colleges.

2. Public Health Care: microbiology laboratories in hospitals and outpatient clinics, doctor's offices,

    governmental and private laboratories for monitoring of the water supply, waste water and pollution


3. Industries: Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics, Food and Dairy Products, Drinking Water.

4. Agriculture such as Bio-fertilizers and Bio-pesticides.

5. Hotels, catering and flight kitchens.


Specific Research Fields
1. Immunology

2. Ecology : Environment Pollution

3. Marine Biology

4. Clinical Microbiology

5. Mycology and Protozoology


Research and Development
Novamed Ltd has in house R&D to standardize various formulations of culture media. R&D at Novamed Ltd is a committed endeavor and spans several disciplines including Immunology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.



A key feature in the success of Novamed Ltd has been the skill and knowledge of its staff. Emphasis is

placed upon the recruitment of experienced scientists with a background in microbiology for sales and

marketing as well as in the laboratory based R & D and Quality Control departments.


Quality Control
A comprehensive Quality Assurance process at every stage of development, manufacture, packing and

distribution ensures  that   products  meet all standards made for it. Stringent QC system and procedures

assure the compliance with ISO 9001-2000 qualification and quality assurance requirements for the

National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS).


Prepared Culture Media
Culture Devices For Clinical Use
Culture Devices For Food Industry & Water Testing Use

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