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Prepared Culture Media

Novamed provides a variety of microbiological supplies.


We manufacture Prepared Culture Media, Stains and Reagents, Culture Devices for Healthcare and Industrial use, Immunodiagnostic Test Kits, Disposable Urine Specimen Containers and other microbiological and research supplies.


Novamed manufactures over 200 Prepared Culture Media products for use in healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and research laboratories.


For over 12 years Novamed has manufactured Prepared Culture Media which is applied on Petri plates, contact plates, plastic culture devices, different type of bottles and tubes, providing the nutrients necessary for the isolation, cultivation and identification of bacteria and fungi that are contaminants or potential pathogens.


Over 1000 laboratories operated either in the hospitals or in the outpatient ambulatories have come to rely on the services and products of Novamed.


In the industrial microbiology market in Israel, Novamed has already developed a strong leadership with Prepared Culture Media and is considered as the reference supplier to major local food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.


Novamed's Prepared Culture Media is manufactured and tested to meet USP and NCCLS sterility and growth promotion guidelines.


Novamed claims its Prepared Culture Media products are prepared to the highest standards using high quality Bio-Rad Laboratories, Oxoid, Remel, Becton Dickenson and Lab M dehydrated culture media. The products are prepared, poured, packaged and stored under optimum conditions, and are supplied with QC certification.


Customers are welcome to inspect the new Novamed Prepared Media production facility for themselves, as further assurance of the quality of the entire service.

For your convenience, you can download our catalogs here:


  Prepared Plated Culture Media Catalog


  Prepared Tubed Culture Media Catalog


  Prepared Bottled Culture Media Catalog




Prepared 90 / 60mm Plated Media and Contact Plates
Prepared Tubed Media
Prepared Bottled Media

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