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Culture Devices For Clinical Use

Novamed's urine culture devices ("DipStreakTM", "Diaslide®" and conventional urine dipslide) are the best alternative to conventional urine culture methods combines the sensitivity and specificity of the traditional urine culture method with the convenience and efficiency of a system for detecting, enumerating, and identifying bacteria in urine.


Because urine cultures account for at least 50% of specimens in the routine microbiology laboratory, the culture devices are designed to provide an accurate and cost-effective mechanism for laboratories to set up and transport urine specimens. It provides the laboratory with a safe, efficient, and accurate means of testing.


Using of Novamed's urine culture devices, the laboratory technologist test urine culture samples utilizing Gold Standard methodology. Each device contains one layer of MacConkey agar, a selective medium that provides differentiation between coliforms and non-lactose fermenters with inhibition of gram-positive cocci, and the option of other layer of the following media:

  1. CLED agar - a general purpose medium that supports the growth of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. This formulation also supports the growth of P s e u d o m o n a s and P ro t e u s, which do not ferment lactose.
  2. URISELECT 3 (Bio-Rad Laboratories, USA) - a non-selective chromogenic agar medium composed of a rich nutrient base containing three peptones, which sustains growth of all urinary tract pathogens;  chromogenic substrates for detection of the bacterial enzymes ß-glucuronidase and ß-glucosidase; and tryptophan for detection of tryptophanase activity (indole production) and of  tryptophan deaminase activity (TDA).

Novamed's urine culture devices offer numerous advantages in terms of sample collection, transportation, handling, incubation, plate reading, and disposal.

The system is an effective alternative for the setup, transportation, and reading of urine cultures in clinical laboratories.


In addition, it can provide more accurate results and faster turnaround time. Since specimens are set up at the point of collection, technologists can concentrate on other tasks. With the current shortage of medical technologists, time is at a premium in the clinical laboratory. Any device or test system that can save time greatly benefits the laboratory. Customers benefit by being able to provide results to physicians more rapidly. For example, treatment of urinary tract infection can be initiated more quickly, thereby lowering patient costs.


Novamed's urine culture devices differ from conventional urine culture methods by providing a mechanism for culture setup and transportation in one device.

Traditional culture methods utilize transportation of urine samples from the point of collection to the laboratory, where the specimen is set up and incubated.


Novamed's urine culture devices provide laboratories the opportunity for culture setup at the point of collection, which allows positive samples to be detected more rapidly. Agar configurations for the three different configurations permit laboratories to choose the option that will work best in their facility.


At the point of sample collection, the device offers an easy setup solution and immediate inoculation of the urine sample. Specimen transportation is simplified by the elimination of leaks, spills, and delays that negatively impact colony counts and result accuracy. Laboratory technologists can bypass the use of sharps as well as the use of boric acid transport systems.


The handling of urine specimens in the laboratory with the device reduces the time technologists spend with culture setup. Users can eliminate all culture setup in the laboratory, additional disposable supplies, and primary isolation media. During incubation, the device provides a compact, self-contained test as well as the ability to incubate more tests per cubic foot of incubator space.


For plate reading, Novamed's urine culture devices offer the reliability of the culture media Gold Standard. ID/susceptibility testing can be performed directly from the growth. Disposal of the device reduces the amount of biohazard and plastic waste when compared to the conventional urine culture.


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