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Conventional Urine Dipslides

The surface streak plate method using calibrated disposable loops is a standard method for quantitative urine culturing. This method allows revealing the presence of microorganisms responsible for the present case of UTI as growing on culture medium isolated colonies suitable for further identification and for antimicrobial susceptibility testing. The method means transportation of the urine sample to the bacteriological laboratory as the procedure of bacteriological inoculation is feasible only by skilled technician personnel.


However delay in transport and improper storage conditions may, alone or combined, limit the quality of the final laboratory report due to the fact that urine is an excellent culture medium and the saprophytic urethral bacteria present in it may grow rapidly at room temperature and result in false-positive results.


To avoid this inconvenience, Urine Culture Dipslide devices with different media combinations have been developed. Urine Culture Dipslide devices bypass these problems for the following reasons: (1) they can be easily and correctly inoculated at the collection site even by unskilled personnel and safely conveyed to the laboratory; (2) when a urine sample is inoculated onto an agar surface, each multiplying bacterium yields only a single colony on subsequent incubation, thus avoiding problems relating to false-positive results associated with bacterial overgrowth.


Urine Culture Dipslide is a simple, convenient and easy-to-use sampling device for assessing microbial contamination of urine. Urine Culture Dipslide can be used to monitor microbial growth wherever the potential may exceed 102 microorganisms in ml of urine sample.

Urine Culture Dipslide unit consists of two different agar modifications attached back-to-back on a plastic sampling paddle, which is permanently fastened to the cap for comfort of handling during use and housed in a closed transparent plastic tube. Urine Culture Dipslide devices are self-contained units, which can be taken to the sampling site instead of transporting samples, back to the laboratory.


Compared to the conventional plating method, the bedside urine-sampling devices have marked advantages such as (1) changing of concept of urine examination - inoculation is done by staff at the clinic and that is why the problems of bacterial overgrowth are solved and the pressure on the laboratory is reduced; (2) logistics' benefits - inoculated devices can be incubated overnight at the collection site before their transfer to the laboratory, thereby negative results can be obtained next day morning and their transfer to the laboratory is eliminated; (3)safety; (4) convenience of transporting; (4) rapidity and reliability of determining the presence or absence of UTI as well as (5) simplicity of colony counting.


Novamed's both types of Urine Culture Dipslide: CLED/ MacConkey (Cat. no BD-901) and UriSelect 3/MacConkey (Cat. no BD-902) are the simple, faster, safer and best quantitative technique alternative to standard surface streaking plate method using calibrated loop for detection of microbial present.


Novamed's Urine Culture Dipslide devices are benefits over conventional urine culture dipslides in all over the world: (1) transparent tube, (2) larger agar surfaces and (3) presence of filter paper piece on the tube's bottom avoiding collection of condensate during the incubation.


Urine Dipslide: CLED/MacConkey # BD-901
Urine Dipslide: UriSelect 3/MacConkey # BD-902
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