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DipStreakTM, a new device with an original streaking mechanism, for detection, enumeration and presumptive identification of urinary tract pathogens


DipStreakTM is a microbiological system that provides simple, yet secure, point-of collection sampling with semi-quantitative  enumeration of organisms  PLUS.... capabilities to include presumptive identifications without additional testing and replating.


The dream of a point-of-collection system that can provide an optimal manner to sample and culture within a closed system has been realized in the innovative design of the DipStreakTM system.


DipStreakTM is an enhancement of the traditional dipslide design for point-of-collection sampling.  DipStreakTM combines the simplicity of the traditional dipslide with the accuracy of plating.


DipStreakTM is a patented, innovative diagnostic tool.


DipStreakTM device consists of two types of agar media attached back-to-back on a plastic paddle and housed in a transparent plastic tube. A ring with elongated plastic prongs is attached to the end of the paddle so that there are prongs on each side of the slide. The ends of the prongs are dipped into the urine, and upon reinsertion into the plastic tube, the prongs touch the agar surfaces, resulting in streak dilution of the sample and enabling isolation of single colonies in the range of 103-107 cfu/ml.


Colony growth on the DipStreakTM is in discrete lines with isolated colonies from samples with as many as 107 organisms per milliliter. The same sample yields an undifferentiated pattern of confluent growth on an old-style dipslide.


The lower level of detection of the DipStreakTM device is between 5x102 and 5x103 cfu/ml.


  • While traditional dipslide designs required the media plates to be submerged in - or the sample poured over the plates, DipStreakTM design allows for a discreet streaking of the sample over each agar surface. This design minimizes personnel contact with the sample and allows collection of cultures from even small volume surface pooled liquids.
  • A ring with 6 elongated prongs attaches to the end of the paddle, arranged so that there are 3 prongs on each side of the slide.
  • DipStreakTM sample streaking emulates the methodology of traditional Petri dish culture techniques.


DipStreakTM is the perfect alternative to Petri dish methodology, when circumstances dictate the secure handling of sample materials from the field to the laboratory.


Only minimal training is needed to collect specimen cultures.



DipStreak™: CLED/MacConkey #BD-510
DipStreak™: UriSelect 3/MacConkey # BD-912
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