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Diaslide® - A Unique Urine Culture Device

Diaslide® is a semi quantitative culture method for the detection of urinary tract infections demonstrating bacterial counts and isolated colonies.


Diaslide® consist of a hinged plastic case containing two opposing agar media (CLED and MacConkey or UriSelect3 chromogenic agar and MacConkey), separated by a sampler with a handle - at one end, and two bent sampler prongs at the opposite end.


Diaslide® Design

The Diaslide® device is a small transparent plastic casing with 2 hinged sections facing each other: one section contains CLED or UriSelect3 chromogenic agar, and the other MacConkey. Diaslide®'s agars are elongated in order to ensure longitudinal streaking of urine and isolation of colonies.


Before use the casing is closed and a white plastic sampler (inoculation) separates the two parts of the casing. This specially designed sampler has one handle on the upper top - to allow the user to pull it for seeding, and a special tip shaped like a bent fork on the sampler end. 


These latter "fork" tips are dipped into the urine specimen. The "fork" tips are designed specially with 2 tips and 2 bent joints.  When pulling the sampler through the casing devise each agar surface is streaked by the tip of one of the tips, as well as by the bent "joint" of the other tip.


The tip inoculation yields a streaking dilution of several orders of magnitude, whereas inoculation by the "joint" yields a relatively uniform spreading of the sample.


Following inoculation the sampler is discarded and the case is placed back into its individual packaging for further incubation.

Up to 20 Diaslide® are put in a special Polyethylene stand for a vertical incubation.


Diaslide® Agar Formulations & Packaging



Catalog No.




10x10 units

CNA +5%DSB/MacConkey


10x10 units



10x10 units


Each Diaslide® is packed in a sterile, flexible, transparent plastic magazine, tightly reclosed after sampling, and during incubation.


This flexible casing creates a closed sterile system for each Diaslide® before use and after sampling, eliminating potential contamination from the surroundings, and safer to the user.


The bottom of the flexible case is a small container, which stores the leaking mucous, obtained by growing bacteria like Klebsiella spp.  Collecting the mucous prevents contamination of the Diaslide® casing and the surroundings in the incubator, and is more user friendly for the user.


The new flexible casing is easily fitted into a special foam stand in the incubator reducing incubator space, and allowing separate inspection of a single Diaslide®.

A Unit package contains 10 Diaslide® units in a plastic bag.


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Diaslide®: CLED/MacConkey #DS-101
Diaslide®: URIselect 3/MacConkey #DS-102
Diaslide®: UriSelect 3/MacConkey # DS-105
Product Documents
Click to Download : (284.5 Kb) Diaslide Brochure
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