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UTI-SET System




Novamed's proprietary and unique UTI-SET System for the collection, transport, processing and testing of urine in the clinical laboratory:
Universal Urine Specimen Container (UUSC), Diaslide® or DipStreak® Urine Culture Device and Evacuated Urine Tube with Stabilizer are used together.

Each of these products is revolutionary and completely changes the old concept of urine examination.


If in your region conventional method of urine laboratory examination is still in use, it is a good time for you to move on

to UTI-SET System.




  • Change of concept of urine examination - The sampling takes place at the patient site or sample's collection side.
  • Closed urine transfer directly from the UUSC collection vessel into Evacuated Urine Tubes with Stabilizer - New UTI-SET System enables a clean transfer of the urine sample directly into Evacuated Urine Tube and significantly reduces the contamination risk for ward and laboratory personnel. The tubes are sterile, leak-proof and made out of clear unbreakable disposable plastic with a pre-defined vacuum for exact draw volumes. The urine stabilizer is intended for stabilize urine specimens for delayed laboratory microscopic examination of urine sediment and provides specimens protection for subsequent transport up to 5 days without refrigeration. The hands remain clean and the sample is protected against environmental influences!
  • Truthful of results - Reduced transport time prevents bacterial overgrowth and reduces unwanted false-positive results! By using Diaslide® or DipStreak® Urine Culture Device the urine sample is inoculated onto the agar surface immediately at the collection site and by that prevents false-positive results associating with bacterial overgrowth.
  • Logistics' benefit - Inoculated Diaslide® or DipStreak® Urine Culture Device can be incubated overnight at the collection site before their transfer to the laboratory, thereby negative results can be obtained next day morning and their transfer to the laboratory is eliminated. Thus the laboratory can receive only positive specimens which account to less than 50% from all urine specimens.
  • Rapid Urine Tract Infection diagnosis - Because of the unique streaking inoculation mechanism of Novamed's Diaslide® or DipStreak® Urine Culture Device, bacteria growth in several discrete lines with isolated colonies even from highly contaminated samples that are as high as 107 CFU per ml. This unique structure allows to detect rapidly the mixed cultures and to shorten the final identification procedures and susceptibility testing of the isolated pathogens. Diaslide® & DipStreak® Urine Culture Devices are FDA approved.
  • Direct pathogen identification - The use of chromogenic media increases the advantages of Diaslide® & DipStreak® Urine Culture Devices, allowing for rapid colour based direct or presumptive identification of common bacteria straight away after overnight incubation. Thus, chromogenic media saves more time, reagents and labour on routine bacteriological ID tests and procedures. The results obtained on the primary slide are enough for physician to appoint the preliminary therapy and to increase the chance of patient recovery with all logistic consequences.
  • Reduce overall expenses - The New UTI-SET System Processing Protocol is more economical in mass using because of reducing of total expenses of urine examination (time for urine specimen transporting, reagents, labour and unnecessary use of antibiotics).
  • Simplify and easy-to-use - The sampling procedure by all components of UTI-SET System is semiautomatic and could easily and correctly carry out by unskilled personnel or patient himself(!) and safely conveyed to the laboratory.
  • Safety - All components of UTI-SET System are the closed systems limiting direct contact of personnel with sample during handling and inoculation procedure and prevent the spreading of nosocomial bacteria in the hospital or community area. Whether it be in a laboratory, on the ward or in a doctors surgery, the Novamed's UTI-SET System is a hygienic multi-talent for use in various fields.


DipStreak: UriSelect 3/MacConkey # BD-912
Universal Urine Specimen Container (120 ml) # UC-120
Product Documents
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Click to Download : (95.5 Kb) UTI Frequently Asked Questions
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