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 Microbial Contamination Monitoring Device


NOVASTREAK Microbial Contamination Monitoring Device (MCMD) is a convenient semi-quantitative screening culture device for sampling and assessing microbial contamination of food and dairy products, industrial fluids and surfaces of sanitary importance. A unique streaking mechanism permits the isolation of single colonies even when the original bacterial population of the sample was as high as 107 organisms per milliliter. NOVASTREAK MCMD is intended for use in the food industry.


NOVASTREAK MCMD comprises a plastic paddle with two types of agar attached back-to-back, housed in a closed transparent plastic tube. A ring with elongated prongs is attached to the end of the paddle so that there are prongs on each side of the slide. The ends of the prongs are dipped into the liquid sample.  Upon re-insertion into the plastic tube, the prongs are prevented from moving and the agar surfaces are inoculated with the sample as the paddle passes over the prongs. The result is a series of streaks of decreasing bacterial concentration, which permits isolation of single colonies even when the original bacterial population of the sample was as high as 107 organisms per milliliter. NOVASTREAK MCMD can be used to monitor microbial growth wherever the potential may exceed 102 microorganisms in ml of sample. NOVASTREAK MCMD unit consists of two different agar modifications, attached back-to-back on a plastic sampling paddle, which is permanently fastened to the cap for comfort of handling during use.


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NovaStreak: PCA / OGYE # BD-504
NovaStreak: VRBA / OGYE # BD-506
NovaStreak: VRBA / PCA # BD-507
NovaStreak: Baird Parker / VRBA # BD-508
NovaStreak: OGYE/Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol # BD-511
NovaStreak: XLD / Salmonella ID # BD-521
NovaStreak: TTC / Malt # BD-522
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